International Conference by Uel Morton

International Conference by Uel Morton

The former Director of Quality Meat Scotland focused his speech at Expo Prado in the development of the Scotch Beef & Lamb brand. The conference was organized by INAC.

Followed by an audience of more than 170 people linked to the sector, Morton celebrated INAC’s 50th anniversary and highlighted that Uruguay is a fantastic country with an important meat sector.

He has been acquainted with Uruguay for many years, and emphasized that the country has gained a lot of respect in the international markets.

His presentation focused on comparing differences and similarities between Uruguay and Scotland, and highlighted it is possible to build and reinforce a brand through a quality scheme.

In a press conference, Morton held that Uruguay is in a very good position to do the same as Scotland, and it does very well in diversifying its markets, although it could do more to achieve the loyalty of the final consumer.

The most important thing is the good quality of the product, which Uruguay does have, and the passion of farmers is important in order to achieve a good brand.

In the world there is hunger, any country that produces efficiently will do well, said the Scottish specialist.