Sial China 2017 showed again growing interest in Uruguayan meat

Sial China 2017 showed again growing interest in Uruguayan meat

After the last days of the fair in Shanghai, the importance of maintaining a relevant presence in the main meat market of Uruguay was confirmed.
Mercosur countries were concentrated in Pavilion 7 of SIAL, where Uruguay had a prominent presence together with its neighbours Argentina and Brazil.

During the first two days there was an important attendance of public, where all the exhibitors and brokers present were permanently busy receiving clients. There were even moments when interested people were waiting their turn to be received by the exhibitors.

As usual, the third day there was less public throughout the fair.

In a multi-year perspective, there has been an increasing presence of new supplier countries, and one of the constant comments this year was the agreement reached by the United States with China, which gives this country access to the Chinese market in the coming months.

In this context, Uruguay also continued to increase its volume exported to China and again in the 2017 edition of SIAL, showed the interest of the clients for Uruguayan meat.

The importance of products packed at origin was confirmed with a large potential in value added presentations.

Another aspect present was the interest in developing presentations prepared for business in electronic commerce platforms.

Outside the scope of the fair, exporters participated in meetings discussing with suppliers of e-commerce platforms, to be able to learn the dynamics, tendencies and the way they can join this new trend