Uruguay, cattle-raising country

Uruguay is one of the main meat producers in the world.

Uruguayan livestock are free-range, raised in natural conditions with a mild climate, fertile land, and plenty of water from the country's several rivers and streams, thus their welfare being ensured.

Almost 100,000 people share the environment with livestock.

Apart from farmers and meat processors, this economic activity employs many people.

Uruguay ranks second worldwide in beef consumption per capita, with 53 kg per person per year.

It produces about 600 thousand tons of beef a year, 150 thousand tons are consumed in the domestic market, and 450 thousand tons are exported.

These products are exported to over 100countries and account for 25% of Uruguayan exports.

In order to achieve these goals, our country has designed the best livestock information systems in the world: Traceability + Electronic Information System of the Beef Industry.

Investing in technology has a specific object: to know more about natural cycles, and learn more and more how to follow them; to this end, information society tools being taken advantage of.

These achievements, added to the health status attained by Uruguay, and to the quality of its products, have boosted Uruguayan meats in the most demanding markets.